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Michaels Engineering Geophysics
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P. Michaels SEGY Data Archive

Home SEGY Data Download Archive

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

The entire data archive may be downloaded in *.zip format as an alternative to using the search engine below. The following DOI link is persistent and maintained by Boise State University. It includes wording for a citation in publications.


Download Seismic Data Sets in SEGY Format

Data Search Engine

The above link will take you to the search engine. The data are provided at no cost to academics, researchers, and the general public. Uses include benchmarking new software, conducting research, and teaching courses. Publications which use these data should use the following reference format:

Michaels, P. (2017) Basic Seismic Utilities (BSU) data archive, Boise State University, Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface, Boise Idaho.

These seismic data have been recorded on engineering seismographs (Bison and SEG-2 formats). However, the data have been converted to the SEGY data exchange format (includes geometry and other header information). While Basic Seismic Utilities (BSU) software can convert between both SEGY and BSEGY format (conversion program, bcnv), other software packages can also be used to read segy format. For example, SEGY can be read by Seismic Unix . Other software likely able to read SEGY are listed on a Wikipedia page, Comparison of free geophysics software.


Every zip archive also has an MD5SUM associated with it to confirm validity of a download.

Using the search engine

Check boxes can be used to limit a search. If no check boxes are selected, then the entire archive will be listed when clicking on the submit button. Each check box reduces the number of archives that will be listed. For example, clicking on "Year Data Acquired" button for 1995 will cause only 1995 data to be listed after clicking on the submit button. The following are the categories of check boxes:

The more check boxes selected, the less results will be returned in most cases. After downloading a zip archive, convert the data from SEGY to BSEGY if you wish to use the Basic Seismic Utilities (BSU) software.

NOTE on number of channels: CHANNELS = 7 case. 7th channel is loadcell on hammer head source.

Example: Click on Surface Data Line Number c008

c008 selection

Image produced by BSU programs: bcnv ---> bequ ---> bplt

image of data c008.seg

  Last Revised 22 January 2023