Welcome to Partners and Managers Hub! A Global Company

in software engineering and product development of future technology with 25 years of cumulative experience.

Adaptive and Agile

Our software engineers work with your systems processes, procedures and tools. That was it's easier to get on the job quickly with zero frictions.

Product Management

We have product managers on the business and the engineering side of the work. That way, you are confident that we understand your need beyond the codes.

Innovation Lab

We have a network of over 150 developers who have gone through our trademarked training. We can guarantee the culture, passion and love for innovation.


PM Hub to the World

PM Hub hacks the top ecosystem and community of developers, invests in the best of talents and builds engineering teams from the network for global businesses that are looking to hire high-performing developers or build innovative products.

We have the best product managers out there and deploy best practices in product management to lead the process of software development.


We have one of the largest ecosystems of developers. Hence, we leverage data as an instrument of hiring and matching. We are always looking for the right engineering team for your work.
As a Hub of Partners and Managers(PM Hub), we provide leading product management practitioners as dedicated CEOs to your product dev endeavour
We use a performance management system to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the developers. Measuring against touch-points that are important to our client
We encourage remote engineering process. Yet, our tech engineers work from our facility which gives them the opportunity to collaborate and interact with the best minds out there.


  • Working with PM Hub is a fulfilling experience; we have been moved from being clients to partners. For the past 4 years, they have built 9 different digital products for us. Thanks you team

    Abayomi John